How to Remove a Jammed Lock on a Bell Bike

Updated April 17, 2017

Bell is a company that produces a range of biking accessories, including bike locks. You can purchase chains or D-locks from Bell online or at your local cycle shop. A lock is a necessary piece of bike equipment but it can sometimes become jammed. Temperature changes, moisture levels and time are all factors that can cause your lock to jam. However, there are several ways you can open the lock again yourself.

Cut any extension parts off the key so it can be inserted into the hole whether the lock is closed or open.

Find the existing pin cuts and use the cutting wheel to expand these to the top of the key. After this, you can still fit the key in the lock but it won't press on the pins anymore.

Wind rubber bands around the bottom of the key but leave enough room so the key can still be inserted into the lock.

Take enough of your own pins to match the number of pins in the locks and cut them down to 2cm lengths. Using the pliers, bend them into an L-shape.

Place a pin in each slot you have cut out of the key and secure them under the rubber bands. Place the key in the lock and press each pin down one by one. The lock should open.

Spray the lubricant over the lock mechanism, using the small plastic tube supplied for a more thorough coverage.

Leave the lock for the recommended amount of time, referring to the manufacturer's instructions, then try to open it with the key.

Fill a plastic bag or sandwich bag half way with lubricant. Place the lock into the bag, ensuring the lubricant covers the mechanism, and tie the top of the bag over the top of the lock. Leave the lock overnight in the lubricant and then try the key again.

Put on protective gloves and eye wear. Steady one side of the lock on the ground or ask someone to hold it for you if it is still attached to your bike and at an awkward angle.

Turn on the angle grinder and place it on top of the lock's bar or chain, ensuring it is facing away from you.

Allow the weight of the grinder to push through the metal, breaking the lock. Let the unsupported end of the lock drop to the ground to avoid damaging the blade of the grinder.

Things You'll Need

  • Key
  • Pins
  • Rubber bands
  • Pliers
  • Cutting wheel
  • Angle grinder
  • Lubricant
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective eye wear
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