How to Remove the Lock With a Snapped Chubb Key

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There is nothing more frustrating than getting a key stuck in a lock. Chubb keys are very strong but if they become bent or rusted they can still snap off, leaving you with a unusable lock. In fact, the lock can be saved in just a few minutes, with a few household items.

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Insert the small fish hook into the key hole and try to hook it onto the key. This may take several attempts. Try to find a point on the key where it can catch and then pull out slowly. Alternatively you can use a thin piece of metal with a serrated edge such as a small steak knife.

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Grab the tip of the key with some needle-nosed pliers. If the key is sticking out a little bit, simply grab it with your pliers and pull it slowly toward you, wiggling it if it does not move. If the key does not move, try step 3.

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Spray lubricant into the key hole. If the key is really stuck this should help it come out. Once you have sprayed the hole, go back and repeat steps 1 and 2.

Take your broken key halves to a key repairer and he can make you a brand new one.

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