How to take down vertical blinds from brackets

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If your vertical blinds are broken, if you're moving, or if you're redecorating, you'll need to take down your vertical blinds from the brackets. As long as you understand the instructions and have all the materials beforehand, you should be able to accomplish the task. Learn how to do it yourself so you don't have to hire a professional.

Open the vertical blinds using the wand. You should be able to see out the window.

Draw the open slats back to one side. If they are broken, you may need to hold them out of your way.

Hold the headrail. Make sure you have a clean view of the brackets. Start with a bracket on the end opposite the slats.

Push the screwdriver into the bracket. It should fit snugly in the inside corner of the bracket. Look for the pop lock.

Push and twist the screwdriver once it's in place. This will take some force. You may hear a pop. The headrail will come loose if you do this properly.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 on the remaining brackets while holding the headrail. You will find at least one more bracket on the end near the slats. If there are more brackets along the headrail, start with those and work your way toward the end.

Once you've removed the headrail from the brackets, you may take the headrail down. You can remove the brackets from the wall at this point, or if you plan to reinstall the vertical blinds or another blind, you should leave them in place.

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