How to Change the Closing Direction on Vertical Blinds

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Vertical blinds accommodate large window and sliding door openings. When opened, the blinds move away from the opening, allowing easy access to the door or window. You want the stack of vanes to enter an area that does not obstruct the use of the room. To keep the stacked vanes in an out-of-the-way area, you need to change the direction that the blinds open and close. The task of changing the opening and closing direction of the vanes does not require expensive tools or accessing the internal components of the vertical blind.

Gently push up on the outside edge of the valance (if installed) until the valance clip clicks free of the vertical blind header.

Remove the vanes from the vertical header by sliding a regular screwdriver into the clip holding the vane in place, pushing slightly up on the vane and pulling the vane toward the ground. Set the vanes aside.

Insert a regular screwdriver into the backside of the vertical blind mounting bracket. Pry away from the header to release the mounting bracket from the vertical blind header. Repeat the process for each mounting bracket and remove the header from its installed position.

Spin the vertical blind header 180 degrees. Slide the front edge of the header into each mounting clip. Push up and toward the back of the bracket to install the header.

Slide the end of a vane with the squared hole into the vane holding clip until you here a click. Install each vane into the header as described.

Slide the top of the valance into the mounting clip. Push toward the vertical blind header until you hear a click signifying the valance is installed.

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