How to Change a Hanging Lamp Shade

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Hanging lamp shades can add beauty and visual interest to any room. A hanging lamp shade can be a part of your chandelier, wall lights or any type of hanging light design. The lamp shade covers the light bulb to soften the light. Lamp shades come in a variety of colours and styles. If you want to change your room's decor, instead of purchasing a costly new light fixture, you can simply change the colour or texture of your lamp shade.

Turn off the hanging light fixture. Although there may be no immediate danger with this task, light bulbs can become quite hot to the touch.

Study how the lamp shade is attached. Unscrew the bulb clip from the chandelier light bulb or candelabra.

Lift your old lamp shade from the base and put it to the side. Place your new lamp shade on the fixture the same way your old one was installed. Make sure that your new lamp shade will fit your hanging light.

Screw the bulb clip back into place and turn on your lights.

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