How to Fix Blinds That Won't Close All the Way

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Blinds add a touch of practical elegance to window treatments, but they do not always work the way you want. The wide range of options for window blinds makes them an attractive candidate when considering how to dress your windows. The downfalls come in the frequent use. Movement can cause problems within the components. If you find yourself with blinds that will not close, it is time to do some troubleshooting.

Examine the blinds for obvious problems. Blinds that will not close may have tangled cords or need a new tilt mechanism. Check the cords to ensure they are clean and untangled. Remove any knots or debris.

Attempt to close the blinds manually. Depending on the type, you may be able to pull gently and force it closed. The key word is gently. If you pull too hard, you may break the mechanism or cords.

Adjust any slats facing the wrong direction. Especially with vertical blinds, slats turned incorrectly can keep them from closing. Use your hands to move the blinds until they are inline.

Pull blinds all the way up, or to one side if they are vertical, and try to close them again. If the lift component is stuck, getting them to move in the opposite direction may be enough to release it. If the blinds move upward, pull them high enough so that they are flush with head rail, then try to lower them.

Lift the cord so it is parallel to the head rail. First, pull in one direction, for instance to the right, then try the other direction. This may release the cord lock.

Pull horizontal blinds out of the window. Remove the end caps and pull the piece forward until it clears the brackets. Vertical blinds should be left intact.

Locate the locking mechanism inside the head rail. Trace the cord up to locate the lock. At the end of the cord, you may see an adjustment component. Push against this with a flathead screwdriver. This might disengage the lock and force the blinds to close.

Remove the tilt wand or cord. Slide it all the way to the right to pull it out. If your head rail has end caps, remove them first. Once the tilt mechanism is out, try to reinstall it by sliding it back onto the casing. If there is visible damage, locate a replacement kit at a building supply or blind store. Follow the instructions to install a replacement.

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