How to remove pivot shower doors

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Most shower doors that swing out use pivots to open and close the door. Repairing the shower door, or replacing pivots, requires removing the door. The removal process is different among door manufacturers, but the general concept is similar.

Removing the shower door requires disengaging the upper pivot from the door and frame so that you can remove the door from the lower pivot hole. Once the upper pivot is out of the way, the door removes from the opening with little difficulty.

Place a towel on the floor of the shower to protect the finish while you are working. Place a step stool on top of the towels so that you can comfortably access the top of the shower door and shower door frame -- if it has a frame -- on the pivot side of the door.

Open the shower door halfway and ask a friend to hold the door in that position. Shower doors can be awkward and heavy, depending upon the type of glass.

Search for screws securing the pivot cap to the top of the pivot jamb. The cap at the top of the jamb covers the upper pivot mechanism. Remove the screws securing the cap with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Remove the screws securing the upper pivot mechanism to the pivot jamb with the Phillips-head screwdriver. Lift the pivot mechanism off the top of the shower door.

Grab the shower door at the sides with your hands. Lift straight up to remove the lower pivot pin from the bushing in the bottom of the shower door frame. Move the shower door out of your way.