How to Assemble a Coffee Press

Written by ava perez | 13/05/2017
How to Assemble a Coffee Press
A coffee press usually consists of only a few parts. (Empty french press with ground coffee image by Oleg Karpov from

A coffee press or french press creates a high-quality cup of coffee by pressing a plunger into hot water and coarsely ground coffee. The coffee press is a simple device that consists of a glass carafe or pitcher and a plunger. The plunger includes a stopper, screen, rod and frame to strain and press the coffee and separate the grounds from the brew. Understanding how to assemble and disassemble the press is essential for proper cleaning and usage.

Wash and dry all of the press components thoroughly.

Slide the glass carafe into the metal frame. This metal frame will have a handle for grasping and the carafe should fit snugly inside.

Lay the plunger pieces in front of you. You should have a large plunger lid with a rod extending down the centre, a nylon strainer, a metal mesh strainer, a metal disk with a spring coil around the edge and a metallic cross piece. Coffee presses might vary slightly, but the components should be similar to these.

Grasp the plunger lid in one hand and place the metal disk with the spring coil onto the rod. Slide upward toward the lid.

Place the nylon filter onto the rod and slide toward the metal disk.

Place the metal mesh filter onto the rod and slide it upward.

Insert the rod into the centre hole of the metallic cross piece. It should screw smoothly into the hole. You now have a stack of filters held securely in place.

Insert the rod with the filters into the glass carafe. It is ready for storage or to press a cup of coffee.

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