How to Install a Fluval 4 Plus Underwater Filter

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The company Fluval makes several different filtration systems for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Filters pull water over a series of material such as charcoal and foam to extract debris and ammonia from the tank. This enhances the appearance of the aquarium and keeps your fish healthy.

The Fluval 4 Plus is an in-tank filter used in aquariums that hold up to 57 gallons of water. To install the Fluval 4 Plus you only need to properly connect the hoses; no tools are required.

Rinse the Fluval 4 Plus's foam pads with clean water. Insert the pads into the bottom of the filter and place the end cap on the filter body.

Locate the suction cup bracket. This is a rectangular piece with two holes at the top and one hole at the bottom. Insert the three suction cups into the holes on the suction cup bracket.

Insert the hose adaptor into the filter's water outlet. The water outlet is found at the top of the filter. The hose adaptor is a small tube of plastic with a nozzle hole in the centre. Position the hose adaptor so the nozzle hole faces upward. If laying the filter on its side rather than standing it on end, plug the nozzle hole of the hose adaptor.

Insert the air control device into the nozzle hole. If standing the filter on end in the tank, the air control device goes into the nozzle hole in the centre of the hose adaptor. If resting the filter on its side in the bottom of the tank, insert the air control device into the end of the hose adaptor.

Attach the suction cup bracket onto the back of the filter. Place the filter in the tank. Position the filter so the water outlet is at least one centimetre below the water's surface and the air control valve is above the water's surface. If laying your filter on the bottom of the tank, attach a piece of tubing to the air control valve. The tubing needs to be long enough to reach and stay above the water level of the aquarium. Press the suction cups to the glass to hold the filter in position.

Plug in the filter and turn it on. Move the water outlet to change the direction of the water flow. Move the water flow adjuster to control the flow rate of the water.