How to Unblock Bunsen Burners

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Bunsen burners are used as a heat source in scientific endeavours. Bunsen burners create a hot, clean, blue flame by mixing air with the fuel before combustion. After extended periods of use, Bunsen burners may become clogged with debris and will not function as effectively. Regular maintenance of a Bunsen burner must include cleaning blockages to ensure it stays in good working order.

Check the Bunsen burner nozzle for dirt, fluff or other debris. Clean the nozzle with a cotton swab and a non-corrosive solvent.

Check the air inlet holes. If there is any debris blocking the free-flow of air, clean with a cotton swan and non-corrosive solvent.

Clear blocked jets by pushing a piece of stiff wire through the jet.

Examine the mixing tube. If it is clogged with debris, remove it by twisting. If the mixing tube is jammed, use a spanner or adjustable wrench to work it loose. Clean the tube with warm, soapy water and a test tube brush. Ensure that the tube is completely free of residue by rinsing with clean water.

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