How to Install a Powerhead 402 in Aquariums

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An undergravel filter is one of the simplest filtration systems you can set up in the home aquarium. Unfortunately, those filters do not always work as efficiently as they should, especially if the gravel is not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Adding a power head like the Powerhead 402 to the undergravel filter can make the system more efficient by moving water through the tank.

Set up your undergravel filter if you have not already done so. Start by removing any existing gravel and decorations from the aquarium. Set the undergravel filter on the bottom of the tank and ensure that it covers the entire bottom surface. Insert the intake tubes into the holes in the back corners of the filter. Cover the undergravel filter with 2 to 3 inches of gravel.

Use a gravel vacuum to clean the tank if the undergravel filter is in place before you insert the Powerhead 402 system. If you are just setting up the undergravel filter you can skip this step.

Insert the stem on the bottom of the Powerhead 402 into one of the intake tubes on the undergravel filter. Push down on the top of the Powerhead 402 until you have a tight seal between the tube and the stem.

Fill the aquarium with water if you have not already done so. Plug the Powerhead 402 in and watch for the flow of water to come out of the unit. The Powerhead 402 agitates the water and moves it more efficiently through the undergravel filtration system.