How to troubleshoot a Kenco Singles Machine

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The Kenco Singles is a compact, tabletop brewer that makes a single cup of coffee at a time. It is an ideal solution for businesses that want the opportunity to offer clients and employees a single cup of coffee without brewing an entire pot.

Although customer support is available through Kenco, you can troubleshoot some minor issues that affect the machine on your own.

Add water to the Kenco Singles machine. If the water reservoir is low, the machine will fail to operate. You should see a message on the display when this occurs that states "Add Water."

Remove capsules from the bin. When the bin is full, you'll need to dispose of the capsules before you can use the machine again. If "Check Bin" still displays after you have emptied the bin, you may need to check the clamp plate assembly to make sure a capsule has not become jammed.

Clean up any spills that have occurred in the Kenco Singles machine. The machine can detect spills and will display a warning message if this occurs. Remove the capsule bin and wipe down the base of the unit with paper towels.

Reset the unit if it attempts to heat water for more than 20 minutes unsuccessfully. Find the red reset button for the Kenco Singles brewer on the inside of the main front door.

Service the clamp assembly if too much pressure has built up in the machine during a brew cycle. On the front cover of the machine, you will see a latch that allows you to access the clamp assembly. Wash the clamp assembly with mild soap and water. Dry all parts before returning it to the unit.