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How to troubleshoot an automatic Air Wick dispenser

Air Wick is a leading manufacturer and marketer of floral sprays, aerosols, dispensers and other home fragrance products. It sells its range of odour elimination devices in supermarkets and stores across the UK. The battery-powered Freshmatic Max device and the smaller Freshmatic Compact release bursts of floral scent at regular timed intervals throughout the day. When you refill the unit or replace the batteries you may find it fails to operate right away.

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  1. Check to see if the green LED light on the front of the device is flashing. If there is no light the batteries have run out. Ensure the positive ends of the batteries are completely aligned with the positive end of the terminals inside the device or the device will not work.

  2. View the green LED light on the face of the dispenser to see if it is flashing every second. This signifies that the refill needs to be replaced. If the light is not flashing every one second but there is no visible puff or spray then you should check the small can to make sure it is not empty.

  3. Refill the device by turning it off and replacing the spray can while ensuring the nozzle is not directed at your face. When the device is shut, you should be able to view the can's black nozzle tip through the front of the unit just to the right of the green light. If the tip is not visible, you may have placed the refill with the nozzle facing the wrong way. Open the unit and twist the can to the correct position.

  4. Check that the red disc mechanism, located inside the Freshmatic device close to the nozzle of the refill can, is in the raised position. If the disc is blocking the opening, grab a pen and push the disc in an upward motion back up into place.

  5. Close the front of the unit, turn the device on and wait 15 seconds to see if any spray is produced. If the device fails to function, turn it off again, remove the refill and use a pen to push the red lever up. Set the fragrance intensity control as required.

  6. Check the red battery tab has been removed if you own the Freshmatic Compact device and that two AA batteries have been correctly inserted closest to the door and one AA battery closest to the outside of the device. Slide the spray intensity adjuster to the "MAX" position and place a dark object behind the unit to make the spray more visible. Snap the refill compartment door shut and press the blue boost button several times to see if any spray is produced.

  7. Tip

    If you continue to experience problems with the Freshmatic device after following this troubleshooting guide you should phone Air Wick's UK customer service helpline (see Resources).

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