How to Activate a Phone on a Factory BMW X3

Updated February 21, 2017

The factory BMW X3 features a combination of rugged and elegant design, as well as new technology. BMW became one of the first vehicles to have Bluetooth hands-free phones for iPhone owners, using an optional USB connection port. Bluetooth allows you to communicate between personal devices such as phones, using wireless technology instead of cables. Check to see if you own a phone compatible with your factory BMW X3 by visiting the BMW Bluetooth website and selecting "Compatibility Check" under Bluetooth Interface.

Turn on your Bluetooth mobile phone inside of your BMW.

Select "iPhone," "Settings" and "Bluetooth" on your display.

Check to make certain the check box has a mark under Bluetooth Communication Active on the display. Press the controller down to activate Bluetooth Communication if inactive, or if it does not have a check mark. The message on the Communication Menu displays, "Bluetooth is now enabled."

Select "Phone" under Bluetooth, then select "Pair New Phone."

Select "Start Pairing." A message appears on the display verifying you activated the pairing mode.

Choose "Bluetooth" from your iPhone Connection Menu. Click "Enable Bluetooth" on your phone. Your iPhone will now search for new devices until it finds and displays, "BMW XXXXX," where "X" represents the last five digits of your BMW's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Select "Yes" when your iPhone prompts you to pair the iPhone with your BMW. Enter a passkey or PIN on your iPhone from one to 16 digits of your choice when prompted. Choose a number you can always remember.

Confirm your passkey when your BMW prompts you. You have 20 seconds to confirm and re-enter your passkey into the display box. You will have to start over with entering a passkey if you wait too long. Depending on your Bluetooth iPhone, you may be required to enter the passkey into your BMW first, and then your iPhone.

Access your phone book directory through the iDrive system once it has finished uploading. The BMW iDrive system, located by the gear lever at hand level, allows you to access all of your communication, entertainment and navigation controls with one toggle and seven keys. The uploading time can take several minutes depending on the number of contacts you have in your phone book. Select the contact to place your call from your BWM X3 phone.

Activate up to four iPhones for your BMW. Only one phone can be active at a time.

Things You'll Need

  • BMW approved Bluetooth mobile phone
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