What Tools & Techniques Are Used to Install & Tighten Sisterlocks?

Updated November 21, 2016

Sisterlocks are becoming increasingly popular, and now there are various techniques and tools available to install and maintain your locks. This hairstyle requires intricate methods to produce the desired results. The best way to install and re-tighten your sisterlocks is to go to a qualified locks consultant. However, many people can re-tighten their locks themselves after they've been trained.

Installing Your Sisterlocks

Your first visit to a locks consultant may take up to 19 hours, depending on the length of your hair. You need at least 1 1/2 inches of regrowth before beginning the process of installing sisterlocks. Your clean hair is parted into large sections. Each section is parted into micro uniformed squares. When your hair is complete, you'll have between 400 and 500 sisterlocks on your head.


Sisterlocks are produced by weaving a tiny section of hair close to the roots. Three tools are used- "the sisterlock tool," "the nappy loc tool" or "the latch hook tool." The sisterlock tool looks like a tiny crochet needle. The hair is pulled through using the hook. The nappy loc tool looks like a thick sewing needle with a large eye and a narrowed section at the head of the eye. The end of the tiny section of hair is inserted into the eye of the nappy loc tool and held in place at the narrowed section of the tool. The latch hook tool has a hook at the end with a flap that closes when you're in the process of weaving the hair.


Each tiny square section of hair is pulled through at the root, using either the sisterlock tool, the nappy loc tool or the latch hook tool. The hair is woven in at least four directions. The hair is pulled through in the North direction, then the South direction, then East and West. Repeat this until the entire section of hair is woven and is tight to the root of the hair.


When your locks are established, you need to maintain them by re-tightening them every four to six weeks. Your locks consultant can advise you on how regularly you do this. To tighten your locks, the tool is inserted at the root of the hair and the hair is pulled through again in the North, South, East and West weaving formation until it's tight at the root.

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