How to Remove False Individual Eyelashes

False individual eyelashes last between three and four weeks, especially when applied by a professional at a salon, but after that point it is necessary to remove them. Most of the items needed can be found in your house already. Taking the lashes off is not difficult, but it can be a little harsh on your eyes, so you must be careful. Always use safety precautions when working close to your eyes.

Put the gloves on your hands to protect them from the solvent.

Pour the adhesive solvent into the small bowl. You will only need a small amount.

Fold the tissue until it is just larger than your eye. It will be very thick at this point, which is good. Place it over your eye, just under the eyelashes.

Dip the brush into the solvent and lay it on the eyelashes. Start near the outer corner of your eye and work towards your nose. Leave it there for just a few seconds to start dissolving the adhesive. Be sure not to touch your skin with the solvent because it may burn.

Gently wipe the brush down the eyelash.

Put your fingers on the eyelash and brush down. The individual eyelashes should come off without pulling them. If not, put more solvent on them for a few more seconds to soften the adhesive further.


If you do not have any solvent, use olive oil or coconut oil instead. Although it will not burn, you should still use the tissue to protect your eyes.


If you get the solvent in your eyes, immediately flush them out with warm water for several minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Eyelash adhesive solvent
  • Make-up brush or small paint brush
  • Small bowl
  • Tissues
  • Mirror
  • Plastic gloves
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