How to Clean Old Glue From a Bisque Doll Head

colourful dolls image by Calin Tatu from

When restoring an antique bisque doll, you may find old glue underneath the wig. Even if you are planning on replacing the wig, you will want to clean away the old glue before gluing a new wig in place. Removing glue from an antique doll made before 1930 is relatively easy, but newer dolls may require careful execution to ensure you don't stain the porcelain.

Soak the doll's head in warm, soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes to penetrate the glue so it is easier to break up.

Remove the doll's head from the warm, soapy water. Dip the tip of a wash cloth into the soap and water and rub gently at the old glue until it starts to break up.

Gently scrap any remaining glue with the tip of your fingernail and wipe the surface clean with the warm, soapy water and wash cloth.

Dip a cotton swab into a dish of acetone nail polish remover, saturating it.

Dab the acetone-soaked cotton swab over stubborn glue stains, allowing the acetone to break up the old glue so you can wipe the surface clean with a warm, soapy wash cloth.

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