How to trace a mobile number in the UK

Written by alan temple | 13/05/2017
How to trace a mobile number in the UK
A mobile phone can be traced in the UK. (Getty Thinkstock)

The signal your mobile phone gives off is not only vital in order to connect to phones anywhere in the world, it also allows other people to trace that signal and pinpoint your location. This technology may have been the stuff of spy films in the past, but it is now easily accessible for the public, and for a very small amount of money you can trace the location of any mobile phone in the UK in seconds.

Write down the full mobile number which you want to trace so you can refer to it in later steps.

Visit a site such as Trace a Mobile, Mobile Locate or Follow Us (see Resources), all of which provide software that lets you to trace a mobile in the UK.

Register you details with the site to allow you to log in to the "Members" section.

Type in the mobile number you wish to search for in the search field and press "Enter" to begin the tracing of the mobile number.

Pay the premium in the secure page which comes up. This is the price you have to pay for the extensive database and search technology afforded by these sites, although some searches are done for as little as 25 pence.

Read the result. You will be given the location of the mobile number within a matter of seconds once you have paid.

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