How to reset a Toughbook CF-19 BIOS

Updated July 20, 2017

The Toughbook CF-19 is a maximum-performance notebook from Panasonic with several modern features, one of which is the ability to use the device as a writing tablet thanks to the inclusion of a touchscreen. With all of its awesome features, though, there are times when the Toughbook may experience some technical difficulties. In those situations, it is helpful to reset the computer whether through the menu or forcibly.


Open up the "Start" menu. Select "Shut Down Computer" and click "Restart." The computer should close all programs down momentarily before restarting.

Press the "Restart" button next to the power button. The computer will restart automatically.

Hold the power button for a few seconds. The computer will shut down manually. Press the power button once more to turn the computer back on. This should only be used if selecting "Restart" from the menu does not work.

Resetting to factory settings

Remove all peripherals by disconnecting them from the computer. Connect your AC adaptor and do not remove it until hard disk data erase is complete

Turn off the computer and connect the CD/DVD drive to the USB port. Turn on the computer and press the "F2" key repeatedly while the "Panasonic" boot screen is dispelled. Enter the password if the computer has one.

Select the "Boot" menu, then select "USB CDD" and press the F6 key until "USB CDD" is at the top of the boot priority menu. Insert the Product Recovery DVD-ROM into the CD/DVD drive. Press the "F10" key. Select "Yes" and press "Enter." The computer will the restart.

Press "2" once the computer has finished restarting. Press "Y." When "Start Menu" is displayed, press "Enter." A progress bar will indicate how much time is left until the process is complete. Press the space bar and then "Enter" to confirm the procedure.

Press any key to turn off the computer once the process is completed.


You cannot retrieve data once you reset to factory settings. Everything will be erased if you choose to perform this procedure.

Things You'll Need

  • Product Recovery DVD-ROM (packaged with the laptop)
  • CD/DVD drive (packaged with the laptop)
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