How to Refill Ink in a Canon Pixma Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

The Canon PIXMA is full-colour printer, copier and scanner. This model of Canon printers uses the Canon PG-40 and CL-41 ink cartridges. Once the cartridges are empty, you can either replace the entire cartridge or refill the old ones with ink. The refilling process is basic and the replacement ink is relatively inexpensive. With the proper tools, you can restore your cartridges and begin printing on your Canon PIXMA again.

Prepare for refilling by clearing an open space and protecting it against ink spills with newspaper or similar protective sheets.

Open the refilling hole on the top of the cartridges using a thumb drill. Only enlarge the hole wide enough so that it can accommodate the refilling syringe. The refilling hole is just above the U-shaped plastic ridge on the top of the cartridge.

Fill the 30cc syringe with 20ml of black ink and slowly inject it into the refill hole.

Remove the paper label from the top of the cartridge.

Open the three refilling holes on the top of the cartridge using a thumb drill.

Fill the three 10cc syringes with 6ml of magenta refill ink.

Position the cartridge so that the raised ridge on the top of the cartridge looks like a "U" shape.

Insert the syringe containing magenta ink into the refilling hole that is the farthest from the raised ridge and release the ink. Repeat the refilling with a different syringe with yellow ink in the hole to the top right of the ridge and a third syringe with cyan ink in the refill hole to the top left of the ridge.


Once you are finished refilling the cartridges, return them to your printer and allow the ink to settle for eight hours before resuming printing tasks.

Things You'll Need

  • Thumb drill
  • Black ink
  • 30cc syringe
  • Magenta ink
  • Yellow ink
  • Cyan ink
  • 3 10cc syringes
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