How to Disable Notifications on a LogMeIn Remote Computer

Written by pamela gardapee | 13/05/2017
How to Disable Notifications on a LogMeIn Remote Computer
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LogMeIn is a tool that users can use to install software on a host computer and work remotely from a client computer while connected to the host computer. LogMeIn has a control panel that allows you to see who is accessing the host computer or you can deny access to client computers to prevent access. You can also disable notifications, which can interrupt remote sessions, in the control panel.

Click on the "Start" button on the lower-left side of the computer. Click on "Programs" when the window opens, then click on "LogMeIn" to open the LogMeIn control panel.

Click on "Options" in the control panel on the left side. Click on "Preferences" in the next window, then click on "General" from the tabs on the top of the window that appears.

Under "General," move down the screen until you come to "Appearance." Check the box next to "Disable LogMeIn Notification Messages." Click "OK" for the setting to apply. You will no longer receive any pop-up messages during remote control sessions.

Enable the LogMeIn notifications by following steps 1 through 3, but uncheck the "Disable LogMeIn Notification Messages" box and click "OK" to apply the changes. You will then begin receiving notifications again.


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