How to Glue in a Quick Weave With a Bang

Updated April 17, 2017

The hair extensions used for a weave can be artificial or human hair. A weave is used to enhance the appearance of natural hair by creating fullness, length, and a style change, such as adding fringe to very short hair. The artificial hair is attached to pieces of a person's real hair with a glue. Gluing in a quick weave for a bang is not difficult but takes some time and patience.

Create a section of hair for the fringe by running a comb across the top of the head to a spot even with the outer edge of each eyebrow. Gather the section of hair, comb through it to make a smooth surface with which to work, and clip it back.

Unclip a one-half-inch section of hair at the hairline and comb it straight down on the forehead. Clip the rest of the bang area back.

Apply a thin line of weave bond glue to the threaded part of a hair-extension piece, or weft. Press the weft of hair to the scalp, glue side down, above the hair combed forward.

Unclip and comb down another one-half-inch section of hair. Glue a second weft of hair to the scalp to create a fuller bang. Comb both wefts of hair down over the face and cut them to the desired length. Use your fingers as a guide when cutting the fringe. Grab the hair between your index and third finger and cut below the horizontal line your fingers create.


Wash your hair and weave with a moisturising shampoo and use a deep conditioner every week or so. A weave lasts about two months. To remove the weave, apply a small amount of hair oil to the glued area and massage until the weave slips off.


Avoid dying or bleaching your hair when you have a weave as over-processing can damage your natural hair and the hair extension. When styling your hair, be careful not to overheat the weave as it can burn and become frizzy. Weaves can damage natural hair if used continually.

Things You'll Need

  • Comb
  • Hair clip
  • Hair extensions
  • Weave bond glue
  • Haircutting shears
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