How to Override the Ink Levels on a Lexmark

Updated April 17, 2017

Lexmark printers are common in many homes and small businesses due to their low cost and excellent printing abilities. Even though the printers are inexpensive, purchasing ink cartridges for a Lexmark printer can be expensive. To save money, you can refill your own ink cartridges with kits available from many computer stores and websites. The Lexmark printer will often not recognise that the refilled ink cartridge is full when you refill it. You will need to override the current ink levels for the printer to know that it has a full cartridge installed.

Click "Start" and select "All Programs." Choose "Lexmark" and open the "Printer Solution Center."

Select the "Maintenance" tab.

Click "Install a new printer cartridge" and select "Next."

Press "Next" until you arrive at the "Print the Alignment page" screen. Select "Print."

Complete the new cartridge installation process. Close the "Printer Solution Center."


You may have to repeat this process if you see an error message.

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