How to Refill an Epson T0481 Ink Cartridge

Updated March 23, 2017

The Epson T0481 (T048120) ink cartridge is compatible with a number of Inkjet Epson Stylus Photo printers. The cartridge is small in size and weighs only one pound, which is why you have to be very careful when refilling it. The cartridge has a complex design and a chip installed on it to prevent refilling. Once the cartridge runs out of ink, the chip doesn’t allow the printer to use it again, unless you reset the chip using a resetter device. The resetter is a small, inexpensive tool that you can buy from an office supplies store. Before refilling the cartridge, you must first reset it.

Switch off both the printer and the computer that is connected to it.

Connect the resetting tool to the printer using the cable that came with the resetter.

Connect the computer to the printer using the printer’s USB cable.

Connect the power plug to the resetter, and turn on the printer and computer.

Press the executing button on the resetting tool and release it in two seconds. This will allow the resetter to configure itself according to the specific printer model.

Press the executing button on the resetter again and release in two seconds. It wil then send the ink reset command to the printer, and the printer will print a verification message. Make sure you have paper in the paper tray before resetting the chip.

Wear rubber gloves and place newspapers on the floor to avoid staining the floor with ink.

Make a small hole using the thumb drill. You have to drill the hole right above the “Push” button on the cartridge.

Drill another hole in front of the first hole, slightly towards the Epson label. This hole will be used for ventilation.

Fill the syringe with 20ml of ink and insert the needle into the fill hole, which is the first hole that you drilled. Fill the cartridge very slowly. You will notice air bubbles coming out of the vent hole as you add ink through the other hole. This is completely normal. However, when the ink starts to bubble from the fill hole, remove the syringe and wipe off any excess ink from the cartridge.

Replace the cartridge in the printer and run a couple of cleaning cycles.

Things You'll Need

  • Chip resetter
  • Rubber gloves
  • Newspapers
  • Thumb drill
  • Syringe
  • Needle
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