How to Clean a Bosch Tassimo

Updated March 23, 2017

With the Bosch Tassimo, you can set the time on your fancy coffee maker so that it can grind your fresh beans and roast you a tall cup of coffee. The performance of the coffee maker and the taste of the coffee depends solely on the cleanliness of the coffee maker. Taking apart the coffee maker and using a damp rag to wipe off the excess dirt and old coffee stains can also improve the look of the machine. (See Reference 1)

Unplug the coffee maker. Open the top to expose a barcode scanner. Use a wet rag to wipe the barcode scanner, then dry it with a paper towel. (See Reference 2)

Open the lid on the back of the coffee machine and pull out the water tank. Wash the tank and lid by hand with soap and water because both will be damaged in a dishwasher. (See Reference 2)

Remove the disc holder, drink outlet and piercing unit and wash them thoroughly with soap and water. The three parts, which are located below the barcode scanner, disassemble by pulling each part apart manually. (See Reference 2)

Reassemble the coffee maker. Place the disc holder, drink outlet, piercing unit, water tank and the lid back in their places. (See Reference 2)

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