How to Fold Tissue Paper Into a Gift Bag

Updated February 21, 2017

Gift bags are the quickest and easiest way to package a gift and require less time and effort than traditional gift wrapping. Tissue paper is commonly folded and placed inside of the gift bag to hide the gift and make the gift bag look more attractive. Folding tissue paper to place inside of a gift bag is extremely easy to do and will give your gift bag a more appealing, put-together look.

Unfold the tissue paper. Measure and cut a piece of tissue paper that is roughly twice as long in length as the size of the gift bag.

Lay the tissue paper out flat and gently fold it in half so that the edges meet. Do not crease the edge of the paper.

Line the tissue paper up so that the soft, folded edge of the paper is directly above the gift bag. Push the paper into the bag and arrange it so that it makes a circular shape inside the bag.

Place the gift inside the bag so that it is nestled in the centre of the tissue paper. Move the tissue paper around so that it fully conceals the gift. The tissue paper should be sticking out of the of the gift bag.


Wrap the gift in two or three sheets of tissue paper before placing it in the gift bag. This will ensure the tissue paper fully conceals the gift.

Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper
  • Gift bag
  • Scissors
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