How to Make an Origami of a Griffin

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Origami is a versatile craft with endless creative possibilities. The griffin has become an especially popular origami pattern since the release of the "Harry Potter" series. Create your own Harry Potter accessories using the art of paper folding. After you have mastered the griffin, try making a golden snitch or owl or hippogriff. Show off your Harry Potter fanaticism with a whole set of your own Harry Potter origami paraphernalia.

Lay your sheet of paper on a hard, flat surface, colour side facing up. Fold square in half diagonally, forming a triangle. Fold the triangle in half again, crease and unfold. While lifting one of the flaps up vertically, do a squash fold, forming a square. Repeat with the other flap.

Orient your project so that the open flaps are facing towards you. Lift the top layer of the bottom point up to the top point. Flip your project over and repeat on the other side. Fold the top right half over to the left and repeat the beginning of this step. Fold the right half over to the left again and fold the bottom point up to the top point. You now have the shape of a triangle. Squash fold any one of the flaps created.

Outside reverse fold the right end of the project while inside reverse folding the flap behind. Repeat this step on the left side. Fold the top layer of the bottom point up to the top point.

Outside reverse fold the left point, forming the head. Do an inside reverse fold to create a beak. Flip your project up side down. Inside reverse fold all four feet creating extra detail and realism.

Turn your griffin right side up again. Outside reverse fold the tail end.

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