How to Use Deer Antlers for the House

If you or a family member enjoy hunting deer or just hunting deer antler sheds, you probably have a tone of deer antlers lying around. Instead of storing hundreds of antlers away for no apparent purpose, put those battle bones to use around your home. Not only do deer antlers provide functionality but they also complement many home decorating styles including Southwestern themes, cabin themes and rustic or cottage themes.

Save antlers for at least a year after for both antlers you remove from deer you claim in season and antler sheds you find in the winter. This year allows the antlers to dry completely and makes them easier to work with.

Hang deer antlers over doors in your home. This adds decor to your home and antlers placed over an exterior door give guests and neighbours an impression of your decorating style as well as your hobbies. Place the antlers on a wooden mount or set them on their side and drive screws through the wall and into wall studs located with a stud finder.

Mount antlers on the backs of doors, beside doors and near the sink to serve as racks and hooks to hold coats, towels and even keys. You can also attach several antlers to a post to use as a standing coat rack placed in a corner.

Cut sections of deer antlers to use as handles for various items through your home. You may create your own drawer and cabinet handles by attaching sections of deer antlers to these items instead of store-bought drawer pulls. If you feel especially crafty, you can take apart door knobs and attach sections of deer antlers as door handles for interior doors throughout your home.

Attach tiny sections of deer antlers to the draw strings that you use to operate ceiling fans.

Frame a mirror with a few antlers attached to a wooden mirror frame. You may attach the antlers all around the frame or just attach a few at the top and bottom of the mirror.

Create make-shift picture shelves on the walls throughout your home by mounting matching antlers side-by-side. To display pictures, lean the frame against the wall and use the tines on the antlers to hold the frames into place.

Things You'll Need

  • Power screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Stud finder
  • Post
  • Bone saw
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