How to Remove Scuff Marks From Figure Skates

ice skates image by Maria Bell from

Sports equipment can be expensive, so it's important to carefully maintain it and to keep it in good condition. For figure skaters, the most vital piece of equipment is the skates themselves.

Through general use, skates become scuffed or scratched, but fortunately, these marks do not compromise the performance of the skates at all. Aesthetically though, a figure skater will want to look sharp out on the ice, so removing the unsightly signs of wear is desirable.

Remove the skates' laces and wipe off any dirt or build-up with a cloth or a brush with softer bristles.

Use a foam cleaning eraser to rub out some of the scuff marks. Apply quite a bit of pressure while rubbing the scuffs on the skates; it will not harm the material and will scrub off many of the dark marks.

Apply shoe polish in a colour that most closely matches to all surfaces of the skates, including the tongue and around the eyelets. Spread the polish evenly with a cloth or soft brush. Pay careful attention to the instructions on the type of polish or cream that you choose to use. Set the skates aside unless the bottle instructs you to do otherwise and wait for the polish to be completely dry.

Buff the skates with a brush with bristles that are somewhat stiff. Press down while brushing, but do not scrub too vigorously. Some shoe polish varieties do not require buffing after application, so read your label to see the recommendations.

Lace the skates. To prevent future scuffs and scratches, wear skate protectors during practice.