Care of Lorica Leather

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Lorica leather is a synthetic leather substitute used in shoes and other products where leather would typically be used. In addition to being vegan and vegetarian-friendly, products made with Lorica leather claim to be odour-free, waterproof and flexible.

Lorica leather is made of synthetic "micro-fibers" that are treated with resin and woven to create a leather-like feel. This means Lorica leather requires similar upkeep and maintenance as a leather product, but can show less wear and tear.

Use a soft, dry brush to gently remove dirt. If the product is dirty and wet, a simple wipe of a damp cloth will do the trick.

Fill shoes with newspaper or wooden shoehorns to absorb moisture from the material. Like real leather, Lorica leather can crack if it becomes too dry. Do the same for a purse; products like belts or watch bands can be loosely wrapped in newspaper or cloth to dry.

Place Lorica leather products in the sun or somewhere at room temperature to dry. It is important the products dry evenly, so avoid placing them near a heat source.

Polish the leather after it is completely dry. Once you've cleaned the Lorica leather item, you can use a polish to help maintain its flexibility and appearance. However, it needs to be dry before the polish is applied.

Rub a small amount of shoe polish onto all surfaces of your product made from Lorica leather, using a dry cloth. Avoid any surfaces that are not made of the same material.

Wipe off excess polish with an extra dry cloth if necessary.