How to Remove Scratches From Patent Leather

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Made from natural leather, patent leather comes from applying a lacquer or varnish after tanning the leather. This gives leather a glossy, hard surface. You will see patent leather commonly in tuxedo shoes and dance shoes as well as purses, handbags and some clothing.

Caring for patent leather only requires cleaning it and keeping it shiny. Removing scratches only requires items you may already have in the house.

Dab a little petroleum jelly onto the patent leather to help remove scratches and for shine. Petroleum jelly also prevents the leather from cracking in cold weather.

Pour some mineral oil on a soft cloth and rub it on the patent leather scratches to remove them.

Apply a silicone-based patent leather conditioner with a soft cloth to remove scratches. This will also help to prevent more scratches, protecting your leather and will add a high gloss.