How to Clean Stainless Steel Splashbacks

glass cleaner image by Randy McKown from

Stainless steel splashbacks, or backsplashes as they are also called, are found in the kitchens of many homes. A stainless steel splashback can be cleaned with inexpensive cleaning elements and will maintain its flawless appearance when cleaned and maintained properly. Not only do you want to remove residue and smudges, but on occasion you want to also use a product that restores shine to the stainless steel.

Spray a light mist of glass cleaner onto the stainless steel and wipe off with a dry cloth. This removes residue, fingerprints, smudges and other build-up without leaving a film behind. Do it weekly on your splashback.

Pour 2 tbsp of baby oil onto a clean rag and wipe over the stainless steel splashback. Rub it in well, wiping with the steel grain.

Wipe off excess with another clean, dry cloth to remove leftover baby oil residue. Repeat monthly or as needed to restore shine.

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