How to Use a Dreamland Electric Blanket

Updated July 05, 2018

If you are looking for an electric blanket to keep you warm at night, or on the couch while you watch television, you will want a Dreamland electric blanket. This electric blanket has nine heat settings, and will shut off automatically if it detects any signs of overheating. The Dreamland electric blanket also comes with a timer in case you want to make sure it is only on long enough to get you to sleep.

Lay your Dreamland electric blanket over your bed. You can use it directly up against your skin, or over top of your sheets or other bedding.

Stick the plug from the Dreamland electric blanket into the wall socket closest to the bed.

Turn the knob from the off position over to the temperature setting that you desire. Keep in mind that the blanket is set so that the bottom receives extra warmth for your feet.

Wait 10 minutes for the blanket to heat up, and then set the timer if you want the heat to turn off after you have fallen asleep.

Unplug the Dreamland electric blanket when you are not using it.


You can wash and dry your Dreamland electric blanket normally after you remove the heater control from the blanket.


Dreamland will not allow you to return the electric blanket after you have used it. They state this is for hygiene reasons.

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