How do I repair a Beko freezer?

Wikimedia Commons

If your Beko freezer suddenly starts making gurgling noises and stops working, it could be something simple. It is worth trying a few things before either paying an engineer or buying another freezer. Some extremely basic steps may fix your freezer.

If the freezer is still under warranty, then your first call is to the manufacturer.

Check the level of the floor on which the Beko freezer is standing, as this can affect the operation if it is not level. Check that the drainage hole in your fridge, if it is a fridge/freezer, is not blocked. Clean it out if it is blocked. This is at the back of the fridge just above the bottom shelf. Check the thermostat to see if it has stopped working. Switch it on and off and see whether it switches the compressor on. If your freezer is not under warranty, you can buy a new thermostat relatively inexpensively and replace it yourself.

Look at the back of the freezer to see if any parts are in contact with a wall, as this can hinder its effectiveness. A gap should be left between the freezer and the wall. Move the freezer a couple of centimetres forward, ensuring it is still level.

Check the temperature in the room, as if it too cold it will affect the freezer operation. If it is below 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) then the compressor will not switch on often enough to freeze the food. Place the freezer in a room where the temperature is no less than 18.3 degrees Celsius (65 degrees Fahrenheit) and the compressor will switch on and off regularly, keeping the food frozen.

Remove the back panel of the freezer and check the parts. Look at the evaporator, which is behind a flap and may be frozen to it. If it is covered in ice and you cannot open the flap, this will stop the freezer working. Switch the freezer off and heat up the evaporator with a hairdryer to melt the ice, or leave it switched off for a couple days for the ice to melt and switch on again. Listen to the compressor to see if this has stopped working. If the freezer is not under warranty it may not be worth buying a new one and having it installed, as they cost around £114 as of late 2013.

Switch off the freezer, if all else fails, and leave to defrost completely. Switch on again and see if it works.