How to Troubleshoot a Technika TV

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Troubleshooting a Technika TV is a moderately easy project to undertake. Simple problems, such as aerial issues, can be fixed without needing the help of a service technician. If you find it is a simple issue, troubleshooting your Technika TV will take no time at all.

Replace both AAA batteries in the remote control if the Technika TV isn't responsive to it. The remote specifically made for Technika TVs can be bought from most stores that sell electrical products.

Clean the front and back of the Technika TV with a lint-free cloth. Clean the vent which is typically on the top of the TV. Any dirt or dust that has buit up on the vent can damage the fan inside the Technika TV.

Move the aerial supplied with the Technika TV to higher ground. Other electrical items can cause electrical interference, so move it away from other electrical items.

Check the aerial connection on the Technika TV. If it is loose you will need to contact a service technician to replace it for you. This also applies to the scart connections on the back of the TV.

Unplug the Technika TV from the mains. Blow off any dust or dirt on the plug prongs. Plug it back in.