My Panasonic TV has a humming noise

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Established in 1972, Panasonic UK is one of the leading suppliers of electronics products in the UK and Ireland. There are dozens of different Panasonic televisions, dating back many years and many possible causes for humming noises. Panasonic’s Smart VIERA TV range won a host of awards in 2012.

Nearby electronic equipment

Panasonic warns that sound distortion can occur if your plasma television is in the vicinity of other electronic equipment, including video equipment. Even the infrared sensor on some equipment can cause this problem. Since most households now have a large array of electronic equipment, this could be an issue for many people. Try moving your television away from other electronic equipment to see whether the humming noise abates.


Many Panasonic TVs give you the option to reset the sound settings to the default, as-shipped settings. Normally, you press the main menu button on the remote control unit to access picture, sound and setup menus. From there, select the sound menu. Scroll down the list of options until you get to “Reset to Defaults” or similar. Resetting the sound to its default settings may help to reduce or eliminate the humming sound.

Static electricity

Noises can occur on a Panasonic LCD Television because of static electricity, according to Panasonic. This might cause your TV to cease operation temporarily to protect circuitry. If the humming noise is associated with sudden picture loss too, switch off your TV at the mains then switch it on again. This will discharge any static electricity present and may help reduce the humming noise.

Older TVs

According to the engineering staff of Howard W. Sams and Company, a humming sound emitting from an older television may indicate a power supply or audio driver amplifier voltage problem. A faulty capacitor or filter regulator may also be responsible. An electrical short caused by a bad or worn solder connection might also be the cause of a humming noise. Ask a qualified TV repair engineer to use a signal tracer to test your TV’s circuitry.

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