How to Install a Fire Blanket

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Fires are a hazard in any home in the country due to electrical malfunctions, gas leaks or even flammable objects such as wood and carpet. A fire blanket is an item you can buy to put out small fires before they spread. A fire blanket can also help you avoid the mess that comes with using a fire extinguisher.

Attach the mounting hook to a wall. Most mounting hooks will attach with an adhesive material that comes with the hook, but some mounting hooks are attached with a nail instead. Hammer the mounting hook if necessary and check that the hook is firmly attached. Locate the hook far from fire hazards, such as the stove or a fireplace.

Place the protective pouch or box on the hook. Check that the pouch or box is quick and easy to open. If not, adjust the box or pouch until you can easily open it.

Fold the blanket and place it in the pouch or box. The method will differ based on the pouch or box style, but most require folding the blanket, opening the box or pouch and then placing the blanket inside before snapping the box or pouch closed.

Inspect the blanket for holes, rips and other damage once a month. If damage occurs, buy a new blanket.

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