How to keep pizza warm

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Pizza has extended from its Italian roots to quickly take hold as a staple in North American culture. As a highly customisable food, pizza is a popular choice for families, students and those from all backgrounds. There is typically only one problem with pizza--how to keep it warm when you are sharing it with others.

Lower the temperature in the oven. Whether you are cooking your own pizza or having it delivered, you can keep it warm by placing it back in the oven. First ensure that your oven is set to its lowest setting so that your pizza won't burn or darken. Check on the pizza often and, if you notice that it is darkening, pull it out of the oven. You can also place your pizza in the oven for a few minutes every now and again to keep it warm.

Place the pizza in an insulated bag. Purchasing an insulated pizza bag that is similar to the one the pizza delivery person carries is one of your best options for keeping a pizza warm. These bags are specifically made for the pizza's shape and size. The bags are also lined with special insulation to maintain heat.

Keep your pizza on a hotplate. A hotplate is used specifically to keep food warm without cooking it further. Turning a hotplate to a low setting and placing the pizza on a pan on top of the appliance will help keep it hot. Ensure that you lift the pizza with a spatula regularly to check the underside of the crust to avoid browning.

Put your pizza under a lamp. Using a desk lamp that you shine on your pizza can help to keep it warm, as well as a heat lamp. Remember, however, that if the box or pizza becomes too hot under the lamp, it may be at risk of catching fire. Avoid this by keeping a close eye on the pizza when it is under a lamp.

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