How to Open the String Closure on Seed Bags

Opening seed bags can be frustrating. Most seed bags have stitching along the top that closes the bag securely. When you must open the bag, open the string closure carefully so the bag has a neat opening. Utilising the string closure properly will allow you to open the bag quickly and reuse the bag for other purposes when the seed is gone.

Place the bag on the floor so the side with the flat stitches faces you. The other side of the bag has a line of knots along the top.

Use the knife or scissors to clip the first stitch in the right corner of the flat stitch side. Unstitch the first two or three stitches with the tip of the knife or scissors.

Hold the unstitched string in one hand and the knotty string on the other side of the bag in the other hand.

Pull both strings in opposite directions at the same time. The entire string along the top of the bag will unstitch.

Discard the string and dispense the seed. Save the bag when the bag is empty and use it for another purpose.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed bag
  • Pocketknife or scissors
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