How to Remove Creases From Leather

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Few things are as noticeable in the fashion world as a crease in leather. These pesky marks are usually left over from a bad fold or careless storage of your item while traveling. Whether it is a hat, bag or jacket, there are two simple ways to get rid of your creases.

Find a hanger that will support your item. If you have a jacket, any hanger will do. If you have a pair of leather pants, however, you will want to find a hanger with clips so you will not have to fold the pants. If you are removing a crease from a leather bag, hat or pair of gloves, find a hanger with clips.

Hang your leather item so the crease is not touching the hanger. Place this in a part of your home where it will not touch anything else and will get plenty of air. A doorway arch or an empty closet are good ideas. Hang the item for a few days and the crease should naturally disappear.

Turn your iron on low, if your crease does not go away after a few days or if you are in a big hurry to eliminate the problem. Properly ironing leather will quickly remove the crease. However, it is important to follow the remaining steps, because the leather could be easily ruined.

Grab a cotton cloth or an old shirt you do not want. Never use anything like paper or polyester. Lay your leather good out flat with the crease facing up.

Remove all water from the iron so no steam comes out. Press the iron lightly over the crease with the cotton cloth on top. Work over the spot until the crease comes out.

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