How to Spot a Fake Ferragamo Bag

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Salvatore Ferragamo, a leading Italian brand since 1919, caters to men and women who enjoy quality-made luxuries, such as handbags, shoes and ready-to-wear clothing. The brand is often a target for knock-off products within the retail industry. Handbags, in particular, are easy to replicate due to Ferragamo's history of clean lines and simple products. The primary difference between a real Ferragamo handbag and a fake is the quality of craftsmanship put into the product. Determining a fake handbag versus a real handbag is easy if the customer knows what to look for to identify an imposter.

Open the bag. Take notice of the way the zipper feels as you slide it from side to side. It should not catch or be hard to pull. A real Ferragamo bag zipper will slide easily from side to side with no catching or pulling.

Check the inner lining, and determine if it is made of silk. The fabric will be sewn not glued into the sides of the bag without any loose edges or air under the fabric. It will lay flat against the interior of the bag with the name Salvatore Ferragamo printed into the fabric.

Feel the stitching along the interior and exterior of the bag. The stitches will be tight with clean lines. Stitches that are unravelling, loose or uneven are easy signs of a fake bag.

Hold the bag in your hands and feel the material. Ferragamo bags are made of leather, calfskin and goatskin. Man-made fabrics such as plastic and pleather are not manufactured by Ferragamo.

Look closely at the hardware on the bag. Hardware includes zipper pulls and charms that hang from the handles of the bag. All hardware is stamped with the Ferragamo name.

Compare the Ferragamo name font on the bag to the font style on the website at The website displays the correct font type and style that is displayed on all bags.

Identify the bag through the serial number. Ferragamo bags will have more than one interior tag that displays the Ferragamo name, care instructions and serial numbers. Bags without serial numbers are fake.

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