How to Make a Japanese Sword Bag

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Japanese sword bags, also known as katana bags or fudukas, are essential for any Japanese sword owner. Whether you mount your Japanese sword on a wall or keep it within a case, keep your Japanese sword in a sword bag to protect the sword from the elements.

Japanese sword bags are particularly useful for when you transport your sword. These bags are simple in design, consisting of a thin bag, a cord and a tassel. The bag for these instructions will hold Japanese swords up to 48 inches in length.

Measure your fabric so that the fabric is 12 inches wide. Measure the fabric twice to prevent mistakes.

Prepare the fabric to be sewn. Double the fabric over on itself so all the sides are even. Pin the sides together with the straight pins.

Sew the three sides of the fabric together to make one double-sided piece of fabric with the sewing machine. Keep the seams about one-fourth of an inch. Remove the straight pins as you sew the fabric. Making a double-sided piece of fabric from which to make your Japanese sword bag will ensure your Japanese sword is well-protected and the bag itself is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Fold your fabric over once again, aligning all the edges. Pin the length of the sword bag with straight pins. Pin one width side with straight pins, leaving one width side open. This will be the Japanese sword bag's opening.

Sew the length of the Japanese sword bag. Sew the pinned width side of the Japanese sword bag. This side is now the bottom of the Japanese sword bag. Keep the seams at about 1/4 of an inch while sewing. Remove the straight pins as you sew. Snip off any stray threads with the scissors.

Cut off each of the tips, just above the stitches, on the Japanese sword bag's bottom corners. This will help the corners appear more even and more aesthetically pleasing. Turn the bag inside out. Insert the eraser end of the pencil into each of the sword bags bottom corners to ensure the corners are as even as possible.

Measure 14 inches down, along the sewn seam, from the Japanese sword bag's open end. Repeat this measurement to ensure accuracy. Insert a straight pin at this point. This is where you will attach the cord and tassels.

Fold the cord and tassels in half so the cord and tassels measure about 23 inches in length. Sew the centre point of the folded cord and tassels to the 14-inch pinned point of the Japanese sword bag with the embroidery thread and embroidery needle.

Iron your Japanese sword bag with an iron on a low setting to make the bag as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Your Japanese sword bag is now ready to hold your Japanese sword.