How to Fix Snags on Suits

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

While attending an important business meeting or going for a job interview, one of the last things anyone wants to see on his or her suit is a snag. Snags can happen quickly by catching the suit fabric on a sharp object. A typical snag is a single long loop of thread dangling from the fabric.

Pulling or cutting the thread distorts the fabric and may create a large hole that will be difficult to fix. Be prepared to fix snags on suits by having a needle and thread on hand.

Thread a 2-foot piece of fuzzy string into a large needle. Regular thread can be used, but the fuzzy string seems to attach to the snag easier.

Pass the needle from the outside through the snag to the inside lining. Try to go through the same hole and pull gently to avoid catching surrounding stitches.

Pull the loose string all the way through the suit fabric. The fuzzy string will pull the snag back into place.

Repeat as necessary until the snag is no longer visible.

Examine the inside of the garment and, if possible, tie a knot in the loop of the snag to prevent it from going back to the front. If the loop is too small to tie a knot, use matching thread and needle and catch the loop to sew it flat.