How to make your own wishing well for a wedding shower

A wishing well for a wedding shower is a keepsake created to hold a collection of small gifts from shower guests. (This is in addition to the shower gift the guest will bring.) It is meant to wish the bride well and start her off in her married life. The items in the wishing well are usually small, only costing between £3 and £6. Each guest usually brings one or two items. Many wishing wells have a theme or carry on with the theme of the bridal shower. For example, if the theme of the shower is a Lingerie Party, then each guest could bring a pair of undies or a small bottle of scented lotion, massage oil or bubble bath for the wishing well. Making the wishing well itself is a relatively simple task.

Choose the item you want to use as the wishing well. It can be a cardboard box, a bucket or a dustbin; any item works, as long as smaller gifts can fit inside. It is important to pick a well that is appropriate for the size of your shower, so the well won't look empty or overflow once the gifts are added.

Decorate the wishing well a day or two before the shower so the glue had plenty of time to dry. Decorate according to the party's theme or use a general wedding/bridal theme. Be as elaborate as you want in decorating the well, but put some time and thought into it. Remember, it will be a keepsake for the bride.

A few ideas include wrapping a cardboard box with wrapping paper or tissue paper and then decorating it with fake flowers and glitter. Spell the bride's and groom's names in glitter. Spell the date of the wedding in glitter.

If using a rubbish bin for a desk theme, wrap it in tulle and then hang small desk-themed decorations, (paper clips, staples, or rubber bands) from the tulle. If the theme is lingerie, give the wishing well a little flair by draping it with pink and black tulle and strings of beads. Then add feathers or a boa around the top for extra pizazz.

For a kitchen theme, take different coloured sponges---or coordinate the colours of the wedding/shower---and cut them into small squares. Take the squares and glue them to the wishing well to make hearts, spell names, spell the words "bridal shower!" or put the wedding date.

Put the wishing well where the bridal shower guests can easily find it and add their gifts. Assigning a bridesmaid or family member the specific task of collecting the gifts for the well and arranging them nicely is also a good idea.

Present the bride with the wishing well during gift-opening time.


When choosing a wishing well base, be sure it is sturdy enough to hold the contents. The size and sturdiness will also depend on the number of people attending the shower. Avoid using anything perishable, such as fresh flowers, to decorate the wishing well. Mention the wishing well on shower invitations so guests know to pick up a little something extra. A brief explanation of the wishing well is also a good idea for those guests who might not be familiar with the concept.

Things You'll Need

  • Wishing well base (a rubbish bin, cardboard box, bucket or small suitcase, for example.)
  • Gift wrap
  • Tissue paper
  • Glitter
  • Tulle
  • Lace
  • Beads
  • Stickers
  • Fake flowers
  • Hot glue gun
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