How to Wrap a Keffiyeh Around the Neck

A keffiyeh is a traditional, Arabic scarf that has become a fashion accessory in many parts of the world. While it's a good idea to know the history of the scarf before you wear it, this doesn't detract from how attractive the keffiyeh can be or the flair with which it can be worn. When worn only around the neck and not the head, the style is sometimes called a bandit wrap, because it bears a resemblance to what the Western outlaws wore.

Fold the keffiyeh in half so that it looks like a large triangle. Place it with the base against your throat and the top pointing toward the floor.

Take the two corners of the triangle that are near your shoulders and pull them back around your neck. Criss-cross them behind your head and then pull them around to the front again.

Tie the two ends into a knot so that the keffiyeh sits comfortably around your neck and shoulders like a stole. Tuck the knot beneath the keffiyeh so that it's hidden.

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