How to Own a Phone Chat Line

Chat lines connect people with similar interests to communicate about various topics. Your patrons may come together to discuss politics, love, war, or religious interests. A chat line can be set up to be an automated system that will pay you monthly, yet will require you to put in little work after its initial set-up.

Choose your niche market for your phone chat line. In order to advertise to the proper people, determine who specifically you are creating your chat line for. Will it be for a certain ethnic group or religious background? Once you know who you are targeting, you can centre advertising and the chat lines around those individuals.

Locate a telephone company that is willing to provide the infrastructure for your chat line. When choosing a telecommunications company, ensure it can handle multiple voice mail boxes, audio features and additional settings that allow your subscribers to communicate. Select a telephone provider that will handle the accounting, account set up and maintenance of the chat line.

Obtain a merchant account to accept credit card payments from your customers. Merchant accounts charge a percentage and transaction fee of each sale you make. You can open a merchant account by contacting a local bank. If the bank does not provide a merchant account, research Internet payment gateways to set up a merchant account (see Resources).

Create a website for your chat line. Though your customers will be meeting people via the telephone, advertise your chat line by having a website.

Advertise your chat line to your target market. Many phone chat lines advertise late night through television commercials because advertising is cheaper and their target market are usually up at that time of night and willing to subscribe to a chat line. Also consider advertising on local radio stations and newspapers that your target market will read.


When you establish your chat line make sure you test every aspect of the service first before you began to give out the phone number.

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