How to design a bedroom floor plan

Updated April 17, 2017

If you want to change the look and feel of your bedroom, or of your child's bedroom, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle by first creating a bedroom floor plan on paper. This lets you rearrange the furniture as many times as you'd like, until you create the right arrangement for your style and needs, without having to actually move the furniture.

Use a tape measure to find the width of each wall of the bedroom. Do this so that when you make the floor plan, you will have measurements that will make the drawing accurate.

Lay a large piece of paper on a flat work surface. Use a ruler and a pencil to create a box that will represent the floor space of the bedroom by making four lines, one for each wall's width. Convert the measurement you made from feet into inches for the floor plan. For example, make a 10-by-12-inch box for a 10-by-12-foot room.

Use the tape measure to measure the furniture, doorways, and windows of the bedroom. Again, convert the feet to inches as in Step 2. Use these measurements when designing the paper floor plan by pencilling in the items where they will fit and arranging them as you want.

Create several possible floor plans and furniture arrangements on separate sheets of paper. Compare your sketches to the room itself by looking around when considering, for example, what wall you want the dresser against or where you want the bed to be. Include on the floor plan anything that takes up floor space, such as children's toy boxes, chairs or TV carts. By using the scaled measurements, you can determine how everything will fit without having to move things to find out.

Choose the floor plan you feel works best and use it as a guide when you are ready to actually move the furniture.


Ask a friend or spouse for help when moving heavy furniture.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Ruler
  • Paper, several large sheets
  • Pencil
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