How to become a foot model

Updated March 23, 2017

Some people are known for their luscious lips or sultry eyes. But if your friends are always commenting on your fabulous feet, you might have a career as a foot model in your future. According to popular hand and foot model Ellen Sirot, you can earn from £325 to a couple thousand pounds per hour modelling your feet. If you want to become a foot model, your job will consist of maintaining that perfect look in between shoots and being able to act with your feet.

Make your feet model citizens. Foot model Christina Ambers suggests that you use sunblock on your feet to avoid redness or tan lines. She also says to avoid getting your feet sweaty, and to always have your toes polished. Ambers says calluses shouldn't be completely eliminated, but that they should be exfoliated daily. Pumice in the shower is perfect for taming those rough callous patches.

Teach your feet to act. A client may ask you to present your feet in a certain way. So it's important that you be able to convey emotion with your feet. Imagine a variety of scenarios and then allow your feet to express themselves. For example, practice making your feet look bored, impatient, nervous and in pain.

Engage in foot fitness. Foot model Ellen Sirot suggests that you massage, bend and stretch your feet to keep them in optimum shape.

Photograph your feet professionally. Most modelling agencies will require photos of your feet to see if you have what they're looking for. Parts Models in New York suggests that you stay away from the at-home snapshots. Choose a professional photographer who works with models, so your photos can have great lighting and clarity.

Send photos of your feet to body parts modelling agencies. Choose agencies that are within your immediate area, as you might be asked to come in for an interview. In fact certain agencies, like Body Parts Models in Los Angeles, require that you're local.

Things You'll Need

  • Good looking feet
  • Professional photos of your feet
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