The salary of a male underwear model

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Male underwear models can be signed to an agency or work on a freelance basis. Most photo shoots or assignments are paid on a per day or per job basis. Celebrities and well-known people are sometimes offered underwear modelling contracts. These contracts tend to pay significantly more than the usual modelling day-rate. Many young men aspire to have full-time careers as male underwear models but the nature of the work makes it attractive as a part-time career.


Male underwear models need to be attractive and have very high levels of musculature and muscle definition. They are usually young men, although for celebrities this does not necessarily apply. To be a successful male underwear model, you will be required to have well-developed and defined abdominal muscles as well as above average development of your thighs, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. You also need to be photogenic, as much of the work involves photo shoots. There is not usually a height requirement, unlike for high fashion modelling.


Salaries for male underwear models vary depending on the previous success and reputation of the model, whether they are signed with an agency, the nature of the job and the ability of the hiring company to pay larger salaries. Most one-off jobs are paid at a daily rate, which varies from 100 pounds to about 250 pounds, as of 2011. Models who are signed to an agency and are able to get assignments on a regular basis can expect to make around 30,000 per year, as of 2011. Celebrity endorsements tend to pay much higher rates, depending on the kind of salary a celebrity can command.


Male underwear models do photo shoots for advertising campaigns such as billboards, magazine advertisements and newspaper and internet features. They can also find work in television ads and other media, which tend to pay more than photographic advertorials. Catalogue work is a popular source of steady work for many types of models, including underwear models. Models may also work in fashion shows and do catwalk modelling.


Modelling underwear has different requirements than most other types of modelling. Male underwear models need to be able to get into proper form for a photo shoot in relatively short time periods, much like body builders. You will need to follow a special diet and exercise routine year-round and be prepared to endure strict training schedules and dietary requirements in preparation for a shoot.

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