How to become an eye model

eye image by Pali A from

When you decide to specialise in eye modelling, you are limiting the jobs for which you want to be considered. Most eye models work for make-up or eyewear companies. Because of this, eye modelling is a very competitive speciality. It may take a considerable amount of time to get steady work as an eye model.

Take care of your face, especially your eyes. Exfoliate your skin and lips before taking any pictures or going to any calls.

Keep your hair in good shape. Make sure your hair is clean and fixed in all your photos and when you show up for calls or photo shoots.

Compile a portfolio that includes different types of pictures--full-body shots and head shots in addition to shots of your eyes. Keep in mind that companies looking for an eye model will look at the overall picture. The pictures in your portfolio should show different eye expressions.

Find a reputable modelling agency or representative (see Resources).

Be ready to submit photos of your natural eyes. In some cases, such as when you are auditioning for a job with a make-up company, you may have to send in photos of your eyes without make-up.

Find out the specifics of an assignment before you go to the shoot. In some cases, you will need to apply your own make-up in a certain style before the shoot. Other times, you will need to show up with a bare, clean face so a make-up artist can do your make-up.